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SFE is Running on Backup Site

SFE Articles - Mon, 04/30/2018 - 13:12

(Article will be updated once new status is know) last updated: 20180430-1300GMT

Dear SFE Users!

Once a service goes down, you recognize how important the service is to people.

The backup site and _ALL_ IPS Repositories are online and operational. The domain name points to this new IP-Address, so no changes needed on your side.

The original machine serving is broken, but the service is *online* as usual from the backup site.
You do not need to change anything on your side, the DNS entry for has been changed to point to my own servers. The SFE package repositories are fully available.

Only limitation: Please do _not_ mirror the IPS repositories with pkgrecv right now. The available connection bandwidth doesn't allow this. The replacement machine will be strong enough to let you mirror if you really think so.

Current status is the following:
Friday 20180420 1300 UTC the blog site is back again on backup site No 1.
Saturday 20180422 2100 UTC _all_ IPS Repositories are running on backup site No 2 with 10MBit bandwidth
Saturday 20180428 new machine is up, zone created, now the real work begins :). I think it will take until mid of may to do a clean new setup, includes a trial concept for automatic failover to backup site. I don't want to get you and me into troubles.

One day I hope there will be volunteers helping to setup a "release repository" where packages are promoted from the development repos (those you currently know: localhost*** publishers9.
The task is to create a website with the packages listes and a mechanism to "vote" on those packages. Once a package receives two +1 and no -1 it gets promoted to the "release repo" (including dependencies).

If you had the publisher "disabled", then it time to enable them again: (choose your publisher)

pkg set-publisher --enable localhosts11
pkg set-publisher --enable localhosts12
pkg set-publisher --enable localhostoih
pkg set-publisher --enable localhostomnios

Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for using SFE packages!

And thank you for sending comments on SFE packages!
I would really like to know what you are doing with SFE packages! Waht do you need next?
(email: sfepackages at g mail dot com - or write a comment here - or write an articel on your blog site - or write on the mailing list)


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Wish List for binary packages for Solaris OpenIndiana OmniOS

SFE Articles - Sat, 04/28/2018 - 16:41


New: Webform to easily submit your wanted packages:


Please don't think that there is no work done because the table below is so large. A majority of packages is already compiled and ready for install in the IPS repositories (to browse package listings, see quick links). This table blow just says, what is desired. That means, you can wait until a volunteer picks up the task and creates the packages for you.

But you can as well become a maintainer / volunteer and create the spec files and send them over to to us for integration! That is the preferred way to quickly increase the number of available packages in the binary repositories. If you just want an existing spec file be compiled and added to the repositories, then drop as a note. We might ask you to have a quick test of such a fresh package afterwards (well, why not?).

User's wish list for binary packages in the repositories:

% done Name OS PRIO status volunteers


- blender S11 preferred low needs update wanted - audacity all med

problem Icons all blank.

OpenIndiana has audacity in a fresh version, port this to SFE

wanted (repair icons) - darktable S11 preferred high needs some prereq.pkgs first (tomww) - saltstack all med needs spec file wanted 100% ansible S11 preferred med X86 version available on Solaris 11 tomww - facter OmniOS med want facter to make ansible better. Solaris 11 has facter in verndor repository wanted - zabbix         90% munin all med update to 2.999.2 tomww - lftp         - remmina         100% libreoffice4 OIH, S11 high

OIH works, S11, S12 done

see workaround libsmbclient for Hipster later then 2016-11-11 in workbench 2017-01

pjama, tomww 99%


all med

done: Solaris 11 and 12 have LO

open: OI Hipster bug #7755 gnu-libiconv (next try workaround libsmbclient)

tomww 100%(S12)
50%(OI151) libreoffice4 S12,OI151a8/a9 med

stopper is new procfs headers, LO uses 20y old ones. OI151a8/a9 not started.

S12: Next step is program access to current procfs - [Solved!]

OI151a8/a9: Next step is to try compile run

tomww - qt5 all med compiled with gcc/g++ wanted - openstack all low clone from userland repo - investigate if that would work wanted - docker all low clone from userland repo wanted


100% FF45+Ffmpeg

gstreamer plugins all med

import build recipes from the packages listed in OIH

encumbered IPS, in case they are not in SFE

or update our existing SFE specs to add codes to totem/gstreamer plugin framework

Update: 2016-03-20 revealed that this is a dead end for forefox - they desintegrate gstreamer in favor of a native ffmpeg inclusion to get rid of unstable gstreamer

Solaris 11 SRU14 has FF45 and plays video by ffmpeg

OpenIndiana recent Hipster has FF45 and play video by gstreamer (maybe phased out) or ffmpeg

still wanted for totem - kodi all low integrate kodi and prerequisites. see OI userland makefiles wanted - webstack collection all, first OmniOS med

Webstack collection: Bundle-A apache / database / php5x
Bundle-N node - nodejs / database / common extras

Bundle-X nginx / database / php5x

install path e.g. /opt/sfe or /opt/webstack to stay away from OS delivered php / apache / ...

  - bind, apache (simple) OmniOS high

Close the gap for OmnisOS where simple webserver and DNS works

install path e.g. /opt/sfe or /opt/webstack to use similar path on all OS for php / apache / ...

    vlc, mplayer OI-Hipster med add VLC and MPlayer to OI-Hipster repository.
(S11, S12, OI151a8/a9 already have it) wanted (test compile, fix issues
with duplicate packages in OIH) - geany editor all - geany editor needs spec file 100% postfix 3.x OI-Hipster low just compile & upload   - mailman all med see how it can be integrated volunteers wanted, any kind of setup ideas welcome! - clang OI-Hipster first, all med add clang. Current install model doesn't allow Hipster-GCC 4.9 and SFE GCC at the same time. Only runtime is allowed concurrently. check it it needs update to clang spec file, see implementation in OI-Userland 100% clamav OI-Hipster first low clamav is currently not packaged for OI-Hipster just add it (version bump too, if possible) - clamsmtp all med
can be accessed by SMTP, calls clamav antivirus

create spec file, provide tipps for configuration / create reasonable default configuration / SMF


50% stellarium 0.12.x Qt4 all X11 med stellarium 0.12.4 works (Qt4)

try stellatrium 0.12.6 (Qt4)

waiting stellarium 0.14.x all X11 low stellarium 0.14.x (Qt5) waitin on update Qt4 to new spec Qt5, test backwards Qt4 compatibility, then make stellarium 0.14.x 100% fuse + ntfs-3g all med update to version 2016.2.22AR2 tomww (done)   389 Directory Server           sane / scanner frontent           gnuplot         99% pdftk all (S11.3=done)   merge / slit / watermark PDF files S11.3 = done. Hipster shows missing symbols when compiling the source. Todo: S11.4, OmniOS

Any comments? Email me at sfepackages at g mail dod com

Please register a user for this blog now (comment spam protection!), click on the confirmation email, login and write a comment!

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The Workbench 2018-04

SFE Articles - Mon, 04/09/2018 - 12:32

Quick note, more updates on this article will appear soon.

Now available: pdftk for Solaris 11!

pdftk 2.02 from ist now available for Solaris 11 (version 11.3)!

You can merge, split or watermark PDFs from the command line.
To build the package it was necessary to enhance the GCC 4.9.4 package with the Java compiler "gcj".
For OpenIndiana Hipster the compile run is is not yet clean (iconv symbols missing).


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