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7 OpenIndiana Evangelism

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This page is a bucket list of ideas and suggestions for promoting the OpenIndiana distro

OI evangelism

  • Updated distro info on Distrowatch (currently showing hipster 2105.03 as most current). Also remove references to dead /dev branch.
    • I contacted Distrowatch to update to info to 2015.10 and provided and updated list of package versions. - [alarcher]
    • Verified Distrowatch has updated their package info, etc. - [makruger]
    • Some version numbers are still incorrect, for the next round I provided a mapping from DistroWatch to Hipster names here - [alarcher]
  • other distro related websites:
  • Feed periodic updates to Slashdot, phoronix, UnixMen, etc.
    • Even if the pertinence of such benchmarks is questionable, we should add the Phoronix Test Suite to oi-userland as indicator. - [alarcher]

Hipster news

  • Current events with OI Hipster distro
  • OI/illumos news stories
  • Featured new packages
  • Tips and Tricks

OI Selling points

  • The desktop is really what makes OI unique among all the different illumos distributions. I'd say the project should really capitalize on that.
  • 47 keyboard layouts, 22 languages.

Software wish list to make the desktop more usable

Desktop publishing

  • Scribus or inkscape


  • Darktable