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OI Website (WIKI) Improvements

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Considerations and ideas for improving the wiki

Need to give some consideration to how the wiki renders on mobile devices

  • Finding the left hand navigation menu is completely absent when browsing the OI wiki from my android tablet. - [makruger]
    • This is a pretty serious issue that we should look into as soon as possible.

Need to create an OI wiki style guide

  • This would be very helpful for providing some consistency between different pages.
    • Use horizontal lines (top and bottom) to separate code blocks from the text body.
      • Makes it easier to tell what is or isn't code. Also provides for a more efficient use of space (don't have to use so many line breaks).
    • Need to come up with standards for displaying certain types of information...e.g. code blocks, commands, tips, warnings, info, etc.

(Some notes for updating wiki pages)

  • Root of wiki says "dashboard". Can this be relabeled as “OpenIndiana”?
  • Many, many comments from 2010 - 2012.
    • Probably a good idea to clean these up and incorporated the information into the page as appropriate.
    • Comments with such old timestamps suggests little site activity has occurred in last 4-5 years.
  • Provide some contrast/comparisons between OI and other illumos distros.
  • Provide some contrast/comparisons between OI and other BSD distros (PCBSD in relation to freebsd, etc.)
  • Command comparison tables – e.g. if such and such command does something on Linux, Windows, BSD, etc., use such and such command to do same thing on OI. [Comment: For inspiration, SmartOS has such thing on their Wiki. AL]
  • add a page about running OI as a virtual guest in Virtualbox, vmware, KVM, talk about which provides the best hardware support, guest tools compatibility, other caveats, etc.
  • consider whether it's possible to enable wiki page navigation by placing breadcrumbs navigational elements within the page itself, rather than relying entirely on Wiki navigation menu in left hand navigation pane.
  • Export handbook to PDF and EPUB somehow (may need to move to XML first).
  • Reorganize and expand out handbook sections for installation, etc.
    • many pages in wrong locations, which makes them hard to find.
      • e.g. steps for making a bootable USB thumb-drive, etc.