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OI Website (Wordpress) improvements

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Considerations and ideas for further improving the OI WordPress website.

Just some general thoughts.....

  • The current OI website is a marked improvement over what previously existed. But anything that is already good can be further improved.
  • Wondering if we can expand on the Hipster name, perhaps by theming the website in a similar manor.
    • Hipster denotes something trendy, or in fashion, etc., the website theme should exploit this in some way.
      • Could try something some like big fashionable buttons as follows:
Button label URL points to
Get it Hipster Downloads
Install it Installation Guidance/Tutorials/Instructions
Use It Hipster Handbook
Extend It Developer Handbook
Discuss it OI Mailing lists/IRC, etc.


  • Can we add the OI favicon like the wiki?

Mobile Devices

  • Maybe we should put something on the front page mentioning the mobile menu which is available in the upper left hand corner.
    • Due to the dark blue color scheme, this menu is hard to see and easily missed.
    • Can the color of the 3 bars be changed to white or something?

  • Have redirects (mailing lists, illumos links, etc., ) open into a new tab so OI webpage remains open.
  • Update Roadmap page and move it underneath some other tab. [I disagree on this one, it is important to have the roadmap as visible as possible, especially for a projet like OI that many call dead - alarcher ]
  • Move link to WIKI to a more prominent location (e.g. its own first level tab on home page). Wiki is currently listed last under documentation. [Agreed but after the Wiki is turned into something else than a pile of obsolete or unstructured info. Currently I do not want to direct people to this mess - alarcher]
  • More frequent updates to Latest News. [Agreed but need people to write them... - alarcher]
  • Community > Security Advisories is misleading. This only leads to page to report problems, not view already reported advisories as the breadcrumbs would suggest.
  • Update Documentation > FAQ
  • Documentation > Gallery - Lets update the screenshots - should be from Hipster.
  • Update Packages page to include SFE and other repos (along with information and what is and isn’t compatible). [Done - alarcher]
  • Disable WordPress pingbacks. They don’t look to offer any real value (e.g. the download page has 68 pingbacks). [Already disabled, these are oldies - alarcher]
  • A support forum like Ubuntu or Mint, etc. People have been leaving (largely unanswered) comments on Wiki in lieu of a support forum. [Opening comments on this Wiki is an error in the first place - alarcher]
  • Blog aggregator
  • [partially complete] -- Publish man pages online
    • Core man pages are available on
    • Perhaps there are some OI specific man pages which need to be published as well. [e.g. PKG[5] is missing]
    • [comment from OI-DEV IRC -
      • <leoric> looking at Ubuntu dhcp.conf online man page, I thought it would be good to have automatic extractor and search interface, extracting man pages from package repository and publishing them on OI site...
      • <alanc> covers the illumos ones, but not all the other packages
      • <leoric> I know about illumos man pages, but thought about all available man pages
      • <alanc> yeah, I figured that's what you meant
      • <leoric> new dhcpd seems to be working...
  • Post old Solaris docs (as they are updated)
  • Export XML/HTML to PDF and EPUB books.
  • Updated Custom desktop background for OI - Perhaps downloads from the website, or included in distro. [I would love that. Also I want to publish new pictures for Community and Roadmap every 6 months]
  • Updated Custom splash screen for grub [That is if GRUB stays our bootloader - alarcher]
  • Add list of mirrors, torrents, etc., to download page on website.